The Core-Voice Connection
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The Core-Voice Connection

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Is your body set up to support your singing?

Deep in the center of the singing body is a connection that spans from pelvic floor, to diaphragm, to the throat through relationships of fascia, muscle, pressure and motion. When this deep layer is well integrated, it provides an important foundation for producing the voice with ease.

Have you ever wondered why…

  • the concept of appoggio feels elusive in your body?
  • it feels like you work harder than other people to get your sound out?
  • you grip in places like your bum, back or belly?
  • your belly seems to expand so much when you breathe?
  • you run out of breath during phrases?
  • your vocal technique is on point, but you still have nagging issues with your voice?

Let me introduce you to the Core-Voice Connection…

While your vocal cords come together to produce sound waves that are amplified by your vocal tract, your voice is not just a product of your larynx, lungs and mouth. 

Our bodies are seamed together inside in a way that every part impacts every other part. In the core-voice connection we recognize that your core is a part of everything that you do, whether it is breathing, moving or singing.

An integrated core feels like…

  • Lightness as you move through your day.
  • Ease in your breath, your voice, and your movement.
  • Stability as you meet the demands of your every day life.

Discover the patterns of your body.

  • We will begin the workshop with vocalizing a bit to establish a baseline for our voices.
  • Next, we will define the functional reflexive core and the whole body connections that exist from feet to throat.
  • Then we will move through a series of assessments to explore how the ribcage, belly and pelvic floor engage and release in response to inhalation, resisted airflow, sound and movement.
  • The workshop will also spend time looking at the reasons why we don’t already have an integrated core.
  • Throughout the workshop we will check in with our voices and bodies to see what we notice.
  • There will be time at the end for Q & A and to talk about how to continue working toward an integrated core.


**Workshop participants will need to dress in clothing they can move well in, have a mat, a yoga tune up or tennis ball and space around them to stand, sit and lie on the floor.

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What people are saying about workshops

with Sarah Whitten…

“This is the missing piece for me when it comes to my body, my breath and my singing.”

“I have been searching for something like this for the last 18 years.”

“ I finally understand my low back pain (and it feels much better).”

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