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The Importance of Core Training for Singers

February 3, 2023
12-2pm Eastern Time
7 Day Replay for all who Register
$60 early bird before 1/20/23, $75 after

Every singer needs to care about their core.

There are relationships of fascia, pressure and tension between our pelvic floor, deep core and larynx.

  • Does your belly move more than your ribcage when you breathe?
  • Do you sneeze (or laugh, jump, sing, cough) and leak pee?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a hernia or two? Or prolapse?
  • Do you have really tense shoulders or jaw pain?
  • Do you have foot pain?
  • Can your ribcage move well in 3 dimensions?
  • Do you struggle to ‘support’ your voice?
  • Does your abdomen or ribcage ‘set’ when you begin a sound?
  • Do you feel like you are working harder than you should to create sound while singing?
  • Have you given birth and felt like you can no longer connect your core to your voice?

When your core isn’t functional your body finds a way to let you know – often through one of the ways I’ve listed above. Sometimes those issues are accompanied by pain in the body, but not always. Building strength isn’t the solution to those issues, improving function is.

The way the voice world talks about the core and breathing for singing can make your head spin. What I want you to know is this: 

Your body has an infinite capacity to change.

When we provide the right inputs your body can move and sing with effortless effort. When we resolve mobility issues, strength is easy to find and use.

Join me to dig into a topic that brings up all the questions all the time!

*What is ‘the core’ anyway?

*Do I need to do core training as a singer?

*What do the breath, the pelvic floor and my big toe have to do with it?

*How can I begin to move to assess and improve core function?

You’ll get answers to those questions and more in our two hours together.

This workshop will involve both lecture and movement.


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What People Are Saying About Workshops with Sarah Whitten…

“This is the missing piece for me when it comes to my body, my breath and my singing.”

“I have been searching for something like this for the last 18 years.”

” I finally understand my low back pain (and it feels much better).”

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