Fix It With Your Fork

A singer’s guide to using food to find better hormone balance

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Your hormones are involved in everything from your emotions, to your sleep, your stress, energy level and, yes, your voice.

So often the options we are given by MDs involve synthetic hormones that many singers would like to avoid due to the way they can impact the voice.

Whether you are 20 or 60, dealing with PMS, issues like endometriosis or perimenopause, getting your hormones in check will mean an incredibly different experience of your body and your voice.

There is so much we can do simply by adjusting the food we put into our bodies. Imagine energy, consistent mood, less bloating and puffiness, singing through your cycle with confidence, better sleep.

It is all possible!

Are you ready to learn how to nourish your body in a way that supports your hormones?


Who is Jessica Fashun?

Jessica Fashun is a diverse educator. She has 25 years experience working within the public school systems in Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Michigan as a vocal music teacher.  She spent her adult life educating people from ages birth to 80+ in subjects including music, theatre, fitness, wellness education and dance. She holds certifications as a Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as a Nia Technique instructor, Balanced Body Pilates Instructor,  Music Together specialist and as a certified teacher of MS and HS Vocal Music. She has a love for paddle boarding, traveling, reading and hanging out with her family. She is passionate about well-being and teaching others to take charge of their own health.

*Please note, all sales are final and no refunds are offered for this workshop.

To schedule a workshop for your school, studio or group, please contact me.

2019 Workshops

January 5 – Brookline A Capella

  • Private workshop for choir members

January 11 – Speakeasy Cooperative

  • Private workshop for SECO members

April 9  – Wheaton College

  • Private workshop for the voice department

October 28-30 – University of Toronto

  • Presentor, Just Breathe – morning to public, private sessions with students in afternoon


“Since the workshops, numerous students have commented on recalling and applying exercises learned from Sarah that helped them focus their breathing, and consequently their thoughts before and during performances and oral presentations.”

— Susan E., Conductor


…pretty much all of the singers who come in are tense in some way, and this workshop has given me some ways to disarm it fast — it can make a noticeable difference quickly!

– Eden Casteel President RI NATS, Soprano, Voice Teacher


2018 Workshops

November 7 – New England Conservatory

  • Private Workshop for the Voice Pedagogy Department

November 4  – Rhode Island

  • Private Workshop for Casteel Voice Studio

October 28 – South Shore Conservatory

  • Workshop for voice faculty

March 18 – Alignment and the Voice

  • Public Workshop at Roots & Wings, Natick, MA

February 10 – Boston NATS Song Fest

  • Workshop for Songfest participants

January 21 – Rhode Island NATS

  • Workshop for RI Nats members and students

What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Core

Do you want to teach singers about their ability to ‘support’ their sound but find that what works in your body doesn’t translate to others?  Have the ways you’ve tried to explain it get singer’s tied up in knots? What is ‘appoggio’ anyway?

The typical information in vocal pedagogy books never addresses the interconnections across the body and how they impact vocal production. Some people have told you to feel a bearing down resistance. You’ve observed some singers bulge out in the epigastrium. You watch your students brace as they onset the sound, where it looks like the ribs and belly are locked. You’ve heard about the transverse abdominus, but it’s unclear how it really impacts the voice.

The deep layer of the Functional Reflexive Core (FRC) forms the foundation of an easily produced voice that singer’s can control and finesse. However, when we look at the modern singer’s body, we quickly see that the FRC is just snoozing away, not connected and responsive to breath, let alone movement and singing.

Join me for this 3 hour workshop where we will look at the connections that run throughout the core of the body from throat to pelvic floor and move in ways that address alignment, upper body tension, breathing and waking up the deep layer of the functional reflexive core to build coordination and function.

Attendees should bring their own yoga mat, all other props will be provided by the studio.

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