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The Psoas: Prom Queen of Compensation

May 27th Noon-2pm, Eastern Time online via Zoom.
$60 early bird registration, through May 15th.
Free for Aligned and Aware Members
5 day replay for all who register.

Our voices are the result of a full body synergy, and the foundation of a voice that is produced with ease is a pelvis that is balanced, a spine that is stable, breath that moves with ease and a core that is reflexive and responsive.

Running from T12 down to the lesser trochanter on the Femur, the psoas is at the heart of all of those aspects of our body. Not only that, but it’s upper fibers weave together with the crura of the diaphragm, meaning it impacts our breathing as well!

When our bodies are out of balance in some way, physically or emotionally, the psoas responds. It is a major compensator (along with the Prom King of Compensation, the Quadratus Lumborum). When you are dealing with issues in the low back, sacro-iliac joint, the hips, and even rib mobility and shoulder girdle, we can look to the psoas and the role it might be playing.

In the workshop we will explore….
**more about this unique muscle and where it is located in the body.
**how breathing impacts and is impacted by the psoas
**movements to soften, release and ultimately strengthen the psoas.

Early bird Registration through May15th $60, (registration then becomes $75)

What People Are Saying About Workshops with Sarah Whitten…

“This is the missing piece for me when it comes to my body, my breath and my singing.”

“I have been searching for something like this for the last 18 years.”

” I finally understand my low back pain (and it feels much better).”

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