Take Ten

Small Moves. Big Impact.

Movement makes your body feel better and your singing voice so much easier.

But, finding the time, knowing what to do, and how to do it? Forget it...mama has no time for that.

How many of these resonate?

Here's the good news!

Effective movement doesn't have to take a lot of time.

Movement allows us to live in more than just our head.

You don't need another IG video of someone doing a crazy pose you'll never achieve (or need!).

You need a variety of basic movement options. Something that can be done in just ten minutes.

Welcome to Take Ten

Take Ten is designed for you.

The singer who has not yet been a mover.

The singer who doesn't have the time to move.

The singer who used to move but then life got in the way.

Get started with Bite-sized, simple,10-minute movement explorations.

$80 for all videos

Inside the Take Ten Program:

Take Ten is for you if.....

Take Ten isn't for you if.....