Movement Practices and Somatic Education about
the Singing Body for Singers and Voice Teachers

Are patterns in your body or breath holding your voice back?

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Where body, breath and voice meet

I believe singers are more than a larynx and a set of lungs! We have both lived experiences and habitual patterns of movement and tension that are expressed through the environment of our body. When we move beyond the typical anatomy and physiology found in pedagogy books, we see living breathing, dynamic individuals right in front of us.

With more than two decades of experience and training in multiple movement modalities, I help singers build their physical instrument through simple, yet powerful movement practices and I help voice teachers draw new lines of connection of how the voice works integrally with the rest of the body.

Join me as I revolutionize and reshape how the voice world understands and experiences the singing body.


Take Ten

If you’re new to movement or looking to get back into movement, this collection of 9 videos takes you on a tour of  the singing body. Each video is right around 10 minutes long and filled with accessible movements for every body.

Singer Synergy Series

Ready to create connections in the deepest layers of the torso, build strength and suppleness leading to better balance throughout your instrument? This 9-week movement class series designed for the singer’s body moves through 4 levels of challenge. Together they address the whole body with special focus on spine, shoulders, hips and core.

Aligned and Aware Library

If you are a DIY person who likes to put together your own path of learning about the body this is the place for you. The library is filled with workshops, movement classes, breathing explorations as well as practices to help tune your nervous system. Library members receive free access to all workshops and one-off movement classes that I teach as well as other special bonuses like scheduling 1-on-1 sessions at a discount.

Come Home to Your Body

Go beyond vocal technique to address the whole singing body

Address patterns of tension in the body and breath

Build strength from the inside out to feel more grounded on stage

Feel at home in your body and embrace all it can do for you

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