Singer Synergy

Unleash the Power of an Integrated Core

The ultimate companion for the passionate performer

A well integrated core is the foundation of a voice that is produced with ease.

That means you have a seamless, functional connection that runs from the pelvic floor, to the diaphragm, and into the throat.

The Singer Synergy program is curated for singers, combining targeted progressive movements with body and breath awareness.

Strengthen your instrument from the inside out

Your body is your instrument and you need to keep it finely tuned. This carefully crafted core synergy series works to integrate the deep layer of core musculature. Through a whole body approach, movements target spinal mobility and major joint hubs like the shoulders and hips all while building strength throughout the body.

Achieve Effortless Breath Management

The key to breath management is establishing suppleness and control in the muscles of the torso and creating clear, well established connections between the pelvic floor, diaphragm and throat.  Say goodbye to overblowing, running out of air, and feeling like you have no control over your voice, and hello to easily sustained, controlled, expressive vocal delivery!

Fluid Movements for Performers

As a singer, movement plays a vital role in your on stage performances. This program creates a foundation of fluidity in the body. Hold the right tensions in the right places to stay grounded and feel powerful on stage. Get ready to add an extra level of artistry and expression in your performances.

What`s inside?

Inside the Singer Synergy Program you’ll find a 9-week-long movement class series. Designed for the singer’s body, you will create connections in the deepest layers of the torso, build functional strength and discover power and suppleness. All leading to better balance throughout your instrument.

What to expect in the series:

Spend your first week watching:

  • Begin with the Spine in Mind
  • Spinal Flexion and Extension
  • Get to Know Your Breath
  • Breathing Strategies
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness 
  • Deep Rest Practice

Weeks 2-9 move through Levels 1-4 
Each level has a standing segment and a mat segment that last approximately 25 minutes each.
Spend at least 2 weeks on each level, working through the 2 segments a minimum of 2 times each per week.

Levels get progressively harder as you get stronger and more mobile!


Lay a Foundation 


Build strength 


Integrate balance


Take poses to another level

Bonus Section Videos Include 

  • Shoulders and hips
  • Common core compensations
  • Connecting to the low abdominals
  • Engaging the pelvic floor
  • How to release an overly tight pelvic floor

Props that will be helpful


Mat – you will use this every week


Coregeous Ball or small child’s ball


Blanket and firm throw pillow






Bolster or couch cushion

This series is for

Movement expectations

This class series involves being able to get up and down off of the floor and being on hands and knees. If you are currently unable to do those things, please reach out and let’s find a better path for you into movement.

What people are saying

You have questions,

we have answers

Take Ten is a series of short videos targeting individual joint locations in the body. Core Synergy is a whole body practice that moves through multiple stages of challenge. If you have completed the Take Ten Videos and are ready for the next level of challenge, this program is for you!

Aligned and Aware is a much larger resource with subject matter that varies from feet, to nervous system, to breathing and is a combination of workshops, movement classes, breathing explorations and nervous system management exercises. If you are a member of A & A you can purchase Core Synergy at a 50% discount, please reach out to me for the code.

If you have an active injury, or are currently in physical therapy, please reach out to me first to talk through whether this program is right for you at this time.

To find success in the program you need to commit to a minimum of 4 days a week of 20-25 minutes of movement. Carving out an additional 10-15 minutes 3-4 days a week to practice the deep rest will be hugely beneficial – this is a great practice to do to get ready for bed, or upon awakening if you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Throughout the videos I suggest modifications to movements to make them accessible. If you are really new to movement and want to start with something more gentle, you might want to check out the Take Ten Program first.

While I have certifications in yoga, I do not consider what I teach now to be yoga – I do not teach any of the 8 limbs of yoga or yogic philosophy. I teach movement. Many of the movements we do in the classes may also be like those you see in a yoga class, but you will also find those poses in a gym stretch or strength class as well.

About Sarah Whitten

Sarah Whitten has been teaching movement to singers since 2007. She’s been called a revolutionary in the field of voice for her work on the singing body.

Her work is focused on completely reshaping how we think of, and work with, the singing body.

Pulling from many movement disciplines, schools and teachings including biomechanics, biotensegrity, pain science, and voice science, Sarah draws new lines of how the singing body works integrally.

Her work addresses how we deal with tension, motion, and communication both within the body and the surrounding environment.