Take Ten

Small moves. Big Impact.


Movement makes your body feel better and your singing voice so much easier.

But, finding the time, knowing what to do, and how to do it? Forget it…mama has no time for that.


How many of these resonate?

You want to be a mover, but you’ve fallen out of shape.

After long hours of sitting at rehearsals and piano benches your body is stiff and sore.

You’re intimidated by the idea of long movement classes.

Life is requiring you to juggle a lot right now: work, performing, kids, aging parents. And that means taking care of you ends up on the back burner.

When you pause for a moment and exhale, you realize how much tension you’re holding in your body.

Most importantly, you have a sneaking suspicion movement would help your body feel better and make singing easier.


Here’s the good news!

Effective movement doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

Simple movements are very powerful when it comes to your body.


Movement is a gateway to embodiment.

Movement allows us to live in more than just our head.

Body awareness only enhances your experience of your voice.


You Don’t Have To Figure It Out On Your Own.

You don’t need another IG video of someone doing a crazy pose you’ll never achieve (or need!).

You need a variety of basic movement options. Something that can be done in just ten minutes.


Welcome to Take Ten.

Take Ten is designed for you.

The singer who has not yet been a mover.

The singer who doesn’t have the time to move.

The singer who used to move but then life got in the way.

Get your hands on 10 Bite-sized, 10-minute movement explorations focusing on one body part at a time.


Inside the Take Ten Program:

Once you sign up you will receive an email with a short video welcoming you to the program. In that email you will find the log in information to access all the take ten videos.

The following day you will receive your first email with a movement video.

From there, one, 10-minute long video emailed to you each week for 10 weeks.

Each video includes 2-4 movements focused on a specific body part: spine, shoulders, neck, hips, etc.

All videos are downloadable so you can watch them wherever, whenever.

Once purchased, you have lifetime access.


Take Ten is for you if…..

You are ready to treat your body to some gentle, nourishing movement.

You want something very different from your neighborhood yoga class taught by a very bendy 20-something.

You don’t have a lot of time, but you know you need to start somewhere.

You know you have 10 minutes in your day to do this: pro-tip, add the movement into your vocal warm up time!

Take Ten isn’t for you if…..

You’d rather continue to live with discomfort in your body.

You think embodied movement is for everyone else but you.

You aren’t ready to make time for yourself.

You are dealing with an acute injury. If that’s you, message me and let’s talk about how to get you moving.



I can’t get up and down off the floor, can I do this program?
Many of these videos can be adapted to be done in a chair, so if this is you, please reach out to me before purchasing.

I’m terrible with technology will I be able to access this program?
Each week you will receive an email with a video linked. They will also be stored on a password protected page on my website, so if you can write down a password, you can do this!

I have never done much movement before, can I do this?
This program is appropriate for total beginners and those with more experience.

I think my body might be beyond help. Is that possible?
No! I firmly believe our bodies have an infinite capacity to change. This is the perfect program for someone who needs gentle, easy movements.

What people are saying about Sarah’s movement teaching

“I find it fascinating how these subtle movements and pressures can elicit such strength from the body.”
~ Rebecca O.

“I am amazed at how much I have improved in the last couple of years: range of motion, strength, and understanding of my body. I am just amazed!”
~ Jen C.

“Without hyperbole, working with you has changed my life. I’m so so especially grateful for you and the possibilities you have given me!!”
~ Kate R.

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