Begin with Awareness

The process of making lasting change in our body or voice is a three step one…Awareness…Skill Building…Mastery.

Step 1 is awareness.

We cannot change anything until we are aware. I find myself saying that in every initial session and workshop I teach.

Before we can build new skills and master them, we have to be aware of our current state.

When we finally notice that nagging “thing” in our lower back that impacts our voice because it gets worse when we sing, we are aware.

Awareness brings you back to the present to what simply is in your body and in your voice.

Awareness connects you to how your voice is working. It allows you to assess where it is working well and where it isn’t working well.

Awareness shows you how your body moves. Where it moves well and where it doesn’t move well.

With awareness you can understand how your movement and voice patterns influence your experience. And how your experience influences your movement and singing patterns.

Awareness helps you to get quiet and just notice what your habits are.

And when you notice your habits you can make changes because you are paying attention.

Awareness is empowering. When you are aware you can take confident action.

It is an ongoing practice. When you engage in awareness in a long term way you make lasting changes.

Can you practice awareness today? Pause. Feel your body breathe. Sense your body in space. Notice how you move and how it feels to move and sing.

Awareness is always the first step.

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