Aligned and Aware: Solutions for the Singing Body

The Jaw: Weak Link in the Chain

March 19th, 12:30pm ET

A FREE workshop to explore why the jaw and it's connection to the rest of the body.


Join me to address one of the top complaints I hear from singers!


*Is massage enough to resolve jaw tension and pain?

*What do my  hips have to do with my jaw?

*Where does my breath fit in?

*How do you take a whole body approach to resolving jaw problems?


You'll get answers to those questions and explore ways of moving to help find a long term resolution of your jaw issues.


 Join today and get on the path to stability and freedom in your neck and voice! Full details will be in your confirmation email!


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Ian Howell

Ian Howell

Dir. Vocal Pedagogy, New England Conservatory

“It is humbling to be confronted with how much one can know about alignment and breathing for singing, and how good a real expert can be at working the hidden rules of our physiology to elicit improved singing. I’ve been applying what I learned in my studio this week and more readily achieving the results I wanted than even last week. You’re filling in so many gaps for people surrounding the singing body.”


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