Aligned and Aware: Solutions for the Singing Body

The Importance of Core Training for Singers

June 18th, 11:00 am ET (48 hour replay for all who register)

A FREE workshop for singers and other voice professionals.

Join me to dig into a topic that brings up all the questions all the time!

*What is 'the core' anyway?

*Do I need to do core training as a singer?

*What do the breath, the pelvic floor and my big toe have to do with it?

*How can I begin to move to assess and improve core function?

You'll get answers to those questions and more in our hour together.

 Join today and get on the path to a stable, functional body that supports you well! Full details will be in your confirmation email!


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Ian Howell

Ian Howell

Dir. Vocal Pedagogy, New England Conservatory

“It is humbling to be confronted with how much one can know about alignment and breathing for singing, and how good a real expert can be at working the hidden rules of our physiology to elicit improved singing. I’ve been applying what I learned in my studio this week and more readily achieving the results I wanted than even last week. You’re filling in so many gaps for people surrounding the singing body.”


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