1:1 Whole Body Singer Synergy Assessment

One hour to better understand the instrument you live in. 

Your body is instrument of over 200 moving parts, and you need more than just a well trained voice to succeed on stage.

Subtle tension patterns in the body and breath can have a big impact on the voice, keeping it from the true radiance and color it possesses, and keeping you from loving every minute in front of an audience.

When you stand on stage you need to connect with your work through a body that is balanced, aligned and strong; and breath that is liberated to flow.

Are patterns in your body, or breath holding your voice back?

This work is for you if:

  • You have nagging pain in places like your neck and shoulders, low back, feet or knees.
  • You are ready to get curious and become the master of your own body.
  • You know you are using more effort to produce your voice then you should.
  • You experience difficulties with running out of breath in phrases yet your lung capacity is normal.
  • You’ve had children and are experiencing differences in your voice post-partum.
  • You’ve had Covid and are experiencing lingering impacts to your physical body in the form of tension, breathing and stamina.
  • You’ve had a difficult relationship with your body and are ready to develop your body awareness and compassion.
  • You are ready to take your voice work to another level.

If you answered yes to even one of those, this work is for you. Each of the above issues are a signal that you have patterns, however subtle they may be, that are holding your voice back.

How you will benefit from a Singer Synergy Assessment:

  • A one-hour assessment session will give you concrete information regarding your physical instrument and the places you don’t move well.
  • Gain insight into your alignment and how movement can help it improve.
  • Understand your current breathing patterns and how they may be helping or hindering your voice.
  • You will leave your session with a personalized handful of simple movements to explore.
  • You will have the option of booking follow up sessions to build on your initial assessment.

How Singer Synergy Assessment Sessions Work:

  • You schedule and pay for your session. A one-hour session costs $200 USD.
  • As part of that process you fill out a form sharing what you are experiencing and what you would like to work on together.
  • At least 48 hours prior to our session you will submit videos of you doing cat/cow and of you breathing while lying on the floor with your knees bent, via sharing on google drive.
  • We will meet together Via Zoom – link provided in session confirmation email.
  • You will need space to be on the floor as well as standing. Wear clothing suitable to move in – think close fitting, stretchy items.
  • I will ask you to move certain ways and allow me to observe your breathing.
  • As you do so I will be making notes to help pull the big picture together.
  • You will be able to record your session so you can go back and work through things again and again.
  • Follow up sessions can be scheduled as needed, though you will work on these movements for several weeks first.

What people are saying:

“The work you do is incredible. So unique and profound in many ways. Before I found you, I used to wonder if anyone actually existed who worked as holistically and as intuitively as you. Thank God you chose to follow the path you did! Thank you so much” ~ Dan Gough, Owner of Class Dynamix

“Sarah Whitten has been instrumental in helping me address deep-rooted physical imbalances that have been holding me and my voice back for years. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to live in a more functional version of their body. “ ~Bryn Jimenez, Soprano and Voice Teacher

“As a mother-of-three and a professional singer and voice teacher, I really need my body to work for me. Before working with Sarah, I was constantly frustrated by my physical limitations, which was becoming a severe emotional drain. As a result of working with Sarah privately, not only am I singing and teaching better, I am no longer plagued with anxiety about the things I can’t do, and can now celebrate the ease in which I can move and breathe. Sarah Whitten’s expertise and clear teaching strategies are a blessing I wish everyone could experience. “ ~Kayla Gautereaux, Soprano, Voice Teacher

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