Whole Body Work for Singers

When you use your voice professionally, your whole body is your instrument.

Because your instrument is inside you, you need more than just a well trained voice to succeed on stage. Subtle tension patterns in the body, breath and mind can have a big impact on the voice, keeping it from the true radiance and color it possesses and keeping you from loving every minute in front of an audience. When you stand on stage you need to connect with your work through a body that is balanced, aligned and strong; breath that is liberated to flow; and a mind that is focused and disciplined.

Are patterns of tension in your body, breath or mind holding your voice back?

This work is for you if:

  • You have nagging pain in places like your neck and shoulders, low back, feet or knees.
  • You are ready to get curious about your patterns and become the master of your own body.
  • You know you are using more effort to produce your voice than you should.
  • You have wondered what the difference is between posture and alignment.
  • You have been told that you have issues with breathing yet no one has helped you sort them out.
  • You experience performance nerves in a way that keep you from loving being on stage.
  • You’ve had children and are experiencing differences in your voice post-partum.
  • You are ready to take your work to another level.

If you answered yes to even one of those, this work is for you. Each of the above issues are a signal that you have patterns, however subtle they may be, that are holding your voice back.

Discover your whole self:

  • Explore your body using principles of yoga and restorative exercise (TM).
  • Align your body optimally.
  • Explore your breath in every day settings and translate that to singing and speaking.
  • Release tensions the body holds due to weakness and build functional strength.
  • Develop strategies for your voice to access your optimal sound in any circumstance.

Packages are available in person in the Boston area or online, via Zoom.

To get started: Schedule your free 30 minute consult session today.


What people are saying:
“…working with you gave me the ability and confidence to express myself in song in a way I’d never thought I could.” ~Ken B., Actor

“Your explanation of stacking my breath and the recognition that I was holding breath or not letting it completely release down low have made big changes for me.  I feel that being aware of that and focusing on letting the low release (and full release of the breath, before taking more air in!) has definitely helped!!  I think that your way of explaining the process truly helped, rather than what i had been experiencing which was simply pointing out that I was tightening up and no clear instruction on how to get out of that.  Something clicked in our time together and things are feeling pretty good right now!! ” ~ Stephanie S., Mezzo-Soprano


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