Voice Lessons

Yours is a voice with something to say.

Singing is an expression of our soul and through it we tell our truth to the world. A liberated voice comes from a body that is balanced, breath that flows with ease and an instrument that is well tuned. It is produced with ease and joy and love. I am honored to be a part of your vocal journey. Through weekly lessons we explore your voice, starting where you are and moving where you want to be.

Are you looking to explore your vocal potential?

Lessons are for you if:

  • You’re currently singing in a choir and want to augment your vocal experience.
  • You sang when you were younger and want to get back to it.
  • You are without a teacher and know you need to get back to weekly lessons.
  • You are struggling with elements of breath support, physical tension, registration or resonance.
  • You are recovering from a vocal injury and need a teacher who is well versed in voice disorders.
  • You are a classroom teacher, movement educator, coach, professional speaker or minister and want a solid vocal foundation.

If you said yes to any one of those elements, weekly voice lessons are for you.

In lessons we:

  • Create a safe environment that allows for expression and exploration of your vocal potential.
  • Use vocal exercises to develop range, registration and agility to find a balanced sound that you love.
  • Explore repertoire from a variety of genres from Classical to Musical Theater to Folk.
  • Engage the whole body as your instrument to address issues that go beyond vocal technique.
  • Set goals based on your desires.

The fine print:

Weekly voice lessons are available for avocational and professional singers age 16-adult. All lessons are taught at my home studio in Natick, MA. We have two dogs. They will be thrilled to say hello to you and then they’ll go into their space outside the studio while we work.

Voice lessons are offered for 15 weeks September – December and 15 weeks late January-June as well as well as limited weeks of the summer. Lessons are taught between 1 and 5:30pm on Mondays as well as 9am-3pm Tuesday-Friday.

Makeup lessons (max of 2 per student per year) for fall are held during early January and for spring in late May/early June. To be eligible for a make up, all lesson cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance. Any lessons I cancel will be made up.

There are no lessons:

October 8

November 22-23

December 24 – Jan 1

February 18-22

April 15-19

May 27

Schedule your FREE 30 minute call today to talk about what you want to get out of voice lessons!

“I love how Sarah incorporates yoga and healthy physicality into the practice of using the voice. She helped me work through some vocal difficulties and really built my confidence and my abilities.” — Marit M., Soprano

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