Seeing the Whole Singer


Your instrument is so much more than just the structures in your larynx; it is your whole body. As such, the whole body needs to be considered when prepping singers to achieve optimal sound and performance.



New perspectives on body, breath and voice

This unique, live, online learning program fills in gaps left in the typical vocal pedagogy texts giving you the tools you need to better understand the body and the best part, it can be done from the comfort of your own home!

Seeing the Whole Singer includes 5 modules:

Alignment and the Voice (taught live or viewed via recording)

Additional Webinar Modules:

  • Applying Alignment in the Studio: Upper and Lower Body
  • Optimal Breathing
  • The Core-Voice Connection

Each module includes a webinar, extensive handouts, supplemental videos and additional readings.

Bonus Materials

  • Bonus Module: The Stress-Breath Connection
  • Free copy of Empowered Performance
  • Free copy of Align Your Mind: Mediations to Master Your Voice
  • Free access to Whole Body Balance
  • The opportunity to schedule 1 on 1 sessions at a reduced rate


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