“My voice is doing quite well. You helped me tremendously.” ~Dani Hemmat, Co-Host of the award winning Katy Says Podcast

“I love how Sarah incorporates yoga and healthy physicality into the practice of using the voice. She helped me work through some vocal difficulties and really built my confidence and my abilities.” — Marit M., Soprano

Excerpt from Podcast Episode 39, Happier  with Gretchen Rubin

Elizabeth: “Sarah weighed in about my voice….and, this was a great email…Sooo, I mean this is fascinating to me and I have to say she nailed it, because I do have persistent acid reflux….”

Gretchen: “I mean, it is just extraordinary that she can just be listening to your voice and get all this information from it. It is fascinating to me.”

Listen to the full episode here.

“Since the workshops, numerous students have commented on recalling and applying exercises learned from Sarah that helped them focus their breathing, and consequently their thoughts before and during performances and oral presentations.” — Susan E., Conductor

“Sarah offers what you look for (but don’t always find) in a yoga teacher: clear instructions, solid understanding, curiosity and creativity.” — Liz C., Yoga Teacher

“This class is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself” — Joanie W., yoga student

“This class provides inspiration that anything is possible despite what you may think your limitations are.” — Bette N., yoga student

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