Pelvic Floor Party

When you get together with your girlfriends, does your talk inevitably turn to:

  • How different your body feels after having kids…
  • Wetting your pants when you sneeze, cough, jump…
  • Wanting to return to exercise but not being sure how…
  • What to do to get your body strong again…
  • Wondering if other women are feeling the way you do?

Workshops with strangers aren’t for everyone. I get it.

Sometimes we want to address these issues with our closest girlfriends.

And for those women, the Pelvic Floor Party is designed with you in mind.

Pelvic Floor Party Details

These intimate gatherings can be hosted at a participant’s house or in the yoga studio.

4-5 women gather and spend 3 hours together learning the ABCs of restoring function to the pelvic floor and core: Alignment, Breathing and Coordination and Control while you are moving. You deserve to get back to living life the way you want!

Empower yourself with good information and attainable exercises to do on your journey to never peezing again.

Parties are available on select weekdays, weeknights and limited weekends.


To schedule a Pelvic Floor Party with you and 3 or 4 of your girlfriends, please email me at sarahkwhitten (at)gmail(dot)com.


Pelvic floor problems (pfp) are common, but they are not normal. Your body isn’t meant to feel broken after you have kids. You aren’t meant to wet your pants, have low back pain and a belly that still looks 5 months pregnant even though your oldest child is 10! Those issues won’t kill you, but they can sure make your life miserable.

You do NOT have those issues because you had kids. Rather, childbirth was the straw that broke the camel’s (mom’s?) back. Modern life has not set women up well to breeze through pregnancy and childbirth and I don’t think I’m alone in saying I didn’t leave my 6-week check up with a plan on how to restore my body.

The solution to pelvic floor problems isn’t doing 1,000 Kegels a day. Not talking about or addressing the issues won’t solve the problem either! In fact, ignoring what might seem like a small issue now means shopping in that aisle of adult diapers when you’re older.

PFP is a whole body issue and when we address it as such, we find a long term solution that brings about balance, stability and strength in the body.

No matter how far post-partum you are, your can gain better function to your core and pelvis and get back to running, jumping and playing all day!


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