Singer Synergy Movement Class Series

February 28- May 2, 2023
11am-12pm Eastern Time
Live on Zoom, Replays available through May 9th
$180 registration

This 9 week long movement class series is aimed at the singer’s body, designed to create connections in the deepest layers of the torso, build strength and suppleness leading to better balance throughout your instrument.

Each class will have a standing segment and a mat segment. Together they will address the whole body with special focus on spine, shoulders, hips and core.

The class is progressive in nature so we will move through 4 levels, adding challenge as we go.

What to expect from classes:

All registrants will have access to a password protected page where all replays and bonus videos will be available for one week after the end of the program.

Each class will have two 20-25 minute segments – one standing and one on the mat.

Pre-Session Videos: Week 1: Know Your Spine, Understand Your Breath and complimentary movement explorations.

Level 1: weeks 2 and 3

Level 2: weeks 4 and 5

Level 3: weeks 6 and 7

Level 4: weeks 8 and 9

The program also includes bonus videos: Finding Deep Core Engagement as well as mini explorations of shoulders and hips, core blockers and access to The Importance of Core Training for Singers Workshop.

Participants can also schedule a 1-on-1 session to look more in depth at their own body/patterns/specific needs.

Props that will be helpful:

Yoga mat – you’ll use this every week

Blanket/firm throw pillow


Small child’s ball, Coregeous Ball, or small throw pillow.

Theraband and/or looped theraband

Yoga Strap

*if you need any of these, please see my recommendations on my Props page

Join me for this class series that has been called “epic and life changing”. Past participants have reported huge changes in body awareness, the ability to get up and down off the floor with ease, finding connection to the deep core for the first time in 20 years after having a c-section, and finding greater ease in the voice as well as stability in vibrato once the pelvic is on board and functioning well.

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