Singers, can you feel your way through?

I read a great article talking about the importance of singers relying on feeling over hearing when it comes to performing well. Author Arden Kaywin says, But there is another kind of listening: listening to your body. Listening in this way means being present to the sensations your body—your instrument—in any given moment. It’s focused in on our […]

Singers! Less isn’t just better…less is more.

“Just because you can go 100%, should you?” “What if 80% gets you the same result, but you’ve preserved 20% of your energy?” Those questions, asked of me in a yoga therapy session several years ago when I was working to rehab my torn labrum in my hip, stopped me in my tracks. “What do […]

Six ways to add movement into your day.

Movement doesn’t have to be complex, take a long time or be difficult to make a difference! Let’s be honest. Most of us spend our days sitting, and sitting, and sitting some more. We sit so many places…* for work – at a desk or piano * to commute – on a train, a bus, […]

Why Singers need a movement practice.

One of the questions I hear most often from singers is, “Why do I need a movement practice?” My simple answer is “because every activity is a whole body activity and singing is no exception.” The slightly longer version is this: Our bodies are tensegrity structures and that means we are held together through a […]

All Bodies Are Welcome Here

The singing world, and world at large, but we’re talking voices here so we’ll stick to this niche, has a long history of discriminating against bodies that fall outside of the acceptable norm – thin (and also white and cis-gender, but I want to focus on weight here). This comes in many forms – being […]

Resilience and the Singing Body

It’s been a hot minute since the pandemic began – ok it has actually been 20 months to the day since we shut down on March 13, 2020. The result of isolation, wearing masks in public, and living with the stress, loss and chaos of the last 20 months is changes to our entire physical/mental […]