Why Singers need a movement practice.

One of the questions I hear most often from singers is, “Why do I need a movement practice?”

My simple answer is “because every activity is a whole body activity and singing is no exception.”

The slightly longer version is this:

Our bodies are tensegrity structures and that means we are held together through a series of compressions and tensions, pushes and pulls. When we push or pull on one part of the body via movement or singing, the entire rest of the body responds.

While we tend to learn about the body by breaking down systems and parts, the body does not work in individual systems and parts! It all works together, all the time. This is what I call Vocal Interdependence.

We can assess how our body is in a static state through alignment, but the way we make lasting changes to how the body responds to the pushes and pulls is movement.

In the singing body we are especially interested in how the spine moves, how the shoulders and hips move and how they relate to each other as well as the overall suppleness of the entire torso.

Every singer I’ve ever interacted with has patterns in the body that are a direct result of how we have and haven’t moved in our lives. When it comes to the singing voice, we can do a lot by addressing vocal technique, but what about the issues that arise that aren’t solved by technique? I have found after working with hundreds of bodies over the last 20 years that when we address the entire instrument the voice changes too.

I made a reel on Instagram recently that gives you a quick and dirty example of this using a tensegrity structure. You can click here to view the reel.

I created the Singer Synergy Movement Class Series with the singer’s body in mind. This 9 week series is designed to create connections in the deepest layers of the torso, building strength and suppleness leading to better balance throughout your instrument.

Each class will have a standing segment and a mat segment. Together they will address the whole body with special focus on spine, shoulders, hips and core.

The class is progressive in nature so we will move through 4 levels, adding challenge as we go.

If you would like to join us, we begin Thursday September 22nd at 11am, ET (and the classes are always recorded and available for replay!).

You can register here: Singer Synergy Class Series

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