Meditation 101: Visualization

Visualization is a powerful way to propel us toward our goals. Envisioning a positive outcome keeps us from getting caught up in the fears and what ifs that can abound when one is making an offering from the heart. When we acknowledge our desire to make something and to succeed we help to cement our intention. You may want to have your journal nearby to write down any ideas that come up that contribute to your finished project.

If you have a performance coming up, set aside time at least 2 weeks in advance to imagine yourself going through your performance perfectly. You will learn so much, from memorization to your level of nerves to things you might need to communicate to other people on stage about the desired experience.

Try this:

Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position. If sitting on the floor is uncomfortable, you can raise your hips on a folded towel or pillow, or, you can sit in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground, your back supported.

Let your spine rise out of your hips. The crown of your head reaches toward the ceiling, allowing your chin to drop slightly.

Let your eyes fall closed bring your awareness to the third eye (the space between your eyebrows). Take 3 breaths to center yourself.

From the space of your third eye, bring your upcoming performance to mind.

Let the performance come to life in full color. Be specific with yourself, seeing in your mind’s eye the space you will perform in, you in your performance attire, the hall filled with adoring fans. Watch yourself walk out on stage, take your place and sing through your entire set. Observe your breath and your body  and how they change throughout the performance. Can you feel yoru rbeathing change or your body tighten in response to areas where you are less comfortable? In time you can remedy those in your practice and then re-visualize and experience a drop in your nerves. Observe how you feel to witness your completed project. Envision others receiving it positively as well.

Feel confident in the idea that because you feel called to create it, your performance is needed by the world. You are offering your gift to the world each time you create and you build a connection to others by sharing your artistry.

To end the visualization, take 3 complete breaths and open your eyes.

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