Keep your inner light bright: Tips to avoid being blue and getting the flu this winter

The first snowstorm of the season is approaching the east coast today. As we stare down Old Man Winter, I wanted to offer some simple steps you can take to boost your physical and mental bodies to stay healthy throughout the coming months. You don’t want to lose singing time to being sick or feeling so blah that you don’t practice!


From the flu just hot tea

1) Eat Well

  • Fill your plate with ACTUAL food, mostly plant based. Think roasted root vegetables, soups with plant based proteins like lentils and chick peas. The more color on your plate the better. If you are a meat eater, try for organic meats.
  • Lower your sugar intake. I know it is hard. There are so many baked goods around during the holidays and when it is cold and you’re feeling low, simple sugars are very, very tempting. The bottom line is, foods made with white flour and sugar do nothing for you nutritionally. Ultimately, sugar suppresses your immunity and sets off an addictive cycle leaving you craving more and more.
  • Hydrate. Water keeps your system running smoothly. Keeping yourself well hydrated helps to flush germs out of the body and boosts your energy. Using a humidifier while you sleep is helpful as well.

2) Keep Clean

  • Wash your hands. Use regular (non-antibacterial) soap and wash your hands before meals, after using the bathroom and after being in a public place.
  • Clean your smart phone daily. Think about all the places you put your phone down. Maybe other people are using it too – children, friends etc. Keeping it clean will keep it clear of germs.
  • Use a neti pot. Flushing your sinus and nasal passages will remove germs that can lodge more easily in the body when the air is dry.

3) Boost Your Mood and Your Immunity

  • Exercise. Aim for 30 minutes daily at a level where you break a sweat.
  • Be Thankful. Keep a gratitude journal. Just jotting down 3 things that happened during the day boosts your mood and your immunity.
  • Lower your stress. Engaging in regular yoga practice – breathing, meditating and physical postures does a body and mind good!

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