Energetics of the Voice

Our bodies are energetic vessels. In yogic thought, the energy of the body flows through channels called “nadis”. The main channel we look at is called the sushumna. It runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and passes through each of seven chakra points, the energetic hubs in the body. Two other nadis, ida and pinagala spiral around the main channel. The ida nadi begins on the left side and is accessed through the left nostril. It is considered representative of the feminine and is associated with the moon.The pingala nadi begins on the right side and is accessed through the right nostril. It is considered representative of the masculine and is associated with the sun. We move energy in the body through these channels by the way we breathe, move and think.

Our voices are our primary vehicle for emotional expression. Singing is one of the most universal human impulses. Yoga also seeks to quiet the mind and open the heart to allow for an expression of our essential selves. A voice that is free can enhance that process.


The throat chakra (5th chakra), serves as the bridge between our hearts (4th chakra) and heads (6th chakra). It is the center of communication, self expression and willpower. It also houses the possibility for change, transformation and healing.

Energetic imbalances in the throat chakra show up as…
Trouble expressing yourself
Blocks of creativity – your inspiration may be there, but you can’t express yourself
Trouble singing – ‘tone deafness’
Timidity – you are quiet when you should speak up
Fear of public speaking/singing – not wanting to look foolish, not being good enough
Tension in your jaw, tongue, shoulders, neck

When your throat chakra is in balance, you…
Listen well
Speak with confidence
Sing well
Express your creativity freely
Have good overall communication skills
Relaxed jaw, shoulders, neck
Negative experiences of the past are transformed into wisdom

Singing is one of the best ways to open this chakra to bring it into balance.

But, what if you are a singer who is struggling to express herself? This is where yoga can help.

A practice that involves vocalizing on vowel sounds while moving, focusing on heart opening postures to release negative energy of the past and chanting bija sounds to awaken the chakra centers can bring your voice back into balance.

When you find your voice on the mat, you carry it out into the rest of your life!

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