Back to School with the VocalYogi

Breathing Series

September 30, October 14, November 4th
12:30PM EST
Live on Zoom, replays available through Feb 4, 2021

** You can still join the series now that it is underway.
Step 1: email me and indicate your interest in the series as well as what email to invoice you at.
Step 2: Once your invoice is paid you will receive an email granting access to recordings and reminders for upcoming sessions.**

Each session will be one part learning through powerpoint (or, as I call it, taking a walk through my brain!) and one part experiential where we will either breathe or move, or both!

September 30th: Breath and The Nervous System

In this session we’ll do a recap of the branches of the Nervous System and then talk about how the breath both impacts and is impacted by changes to the state of our nervous system. We’ll end the session looking at a few ways we can move/interact with our bodies to make the breath more accessible.

October 14th: Biomechanics of Breathing

In this session we’ll talk about the concept of the 3 Dimensional Breath, shape and volume change as well as learn to assess what we see in the bodies in our studio and how that helps inform what we know about breathing patterns. Then we’ll do some explorations to get to know the breath without adding value judgements of whether one pattern is better than the other (here’s a spoiler, there’s no one right way to breathe!).

November 4th: Biochemistry of Breathing

In this session we’ll move beyond the physical process of breathing and dive into the biochemistry of breath. We’ll talk about Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide (often thought of as a waste product, but is an important hormone in the body), and Nitric Oxide. Additionally we’ll explore the typical Heart-Pump model and talk about how movement intersects with biochemistry!

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