Empowered Performance E-Book

Empowered Performance E-Book

Using the wisdom and practices of yoga to find your best sound, transform performance anxiety and be fearless on stage.

Empowered Performance, an e-book, offers innovative strategies to help singers transform how they breathe, think and move.

Arm yourself with the right tools to identify and replace patterns that hold you back vocally.

Simple, yet powerful practices drawn from the author’s extensive background in voice and yoga empower you to unlock your best sound. The book brings you inside Sarah Whitten’s Voice and Yoga studio through accessible text and 30 full-color photographs.

You don’t need prior experience with yoga to benefit from Empowered Performance:

  • 7 Breathing exercises
  • 4 Meditation exercises
  • 2 Yoga sequences
  • 2 Exercises that fuse yoga and singing