Alignment and the Voice Online

Alignment and the Voice

Understanding the Whole Body as Your Instrument




In addition to the Alignment and the Voice Lecture

  • Online pre-workshop training on casting
  • Movement calculator worksheet
  • Alignment in Motion Movement Class
  • Course packet with all handouts
  • 30 minute follow up call

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Alignment and the Voice

You’ve read the words and you’ve said the words…

unlock the kneestuck the pelvisgrip the toeslift the sternum…stand like a string is extending out of the top of your head…within your pelvis is a bowl of soup…stars in alignment…

The language of imagery is subjective and interpreted differently by each brain. Physical cues of moving a body part may appear to resolve an issue outwardly, but how do you know that bending the knees will get the pelvis in the right position?

Most books offer up a description of the ideal position of the body for singing.

The reality is this: you will never see that body in your studio. Nor will you ever see a body that can follow those directions and achieve perfect posture. We all have patterns of tension and weakness that come about from the way we live our modern lives.

It simply isn’t possible to just read about the body and understand what to do and how to move. It is something you need to experience in person.

I created this workshop because voice teachers and singers need tools to assess and understand the bodies you see every day in your studio.


“Sarah is very knowledgeable and incredibly fun to learn from online or in person. She breaks it down so it is informative and understandable. The videos are key to her process and the learning is hands on…exceptional teaching and material.” ~Melissa W. 

The whole body is the instrument

Alignment is the tool you need to connect body and voice.

When you align a body you see immediately why bending the knees, tucking the pelvis and pretending you’re a marionette don’t work to resolve the vocal issues you’ve identified.

Alignment gives you a clear picture of what is going on in the body that is limiting ease and quality of vocal production.


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“pretty much all of the singers who come in are tense in some way, and this has given me some ways to disarm it quickly — it can make a noticeable difference quickly!” Eden C.

Workshop Details: In this one-of-a-kind event package you will receive an online pre-workshop session exploring the concept of casting as a way of better understanding the limiting postural patterns typically present in modern bodies.

In the online lecture portion of the event you will be taught to use bony markers to bring your body into alignment and learn how to use alignment as a tool to assess the body, eliminating the need for subjective language or incorrect physical adjustments. The Alignment in Motion class explores moving the body to explore alignment in motion and see how simple, gentle motions bring about shifts in how the body feels and how it is positioned in space.

“I feel much more confident how my students’ bodies are working too hard. The idea of “good posture” with shoulders pulled back is so prevalent and I now feel like I can address it in a more natural way.” Kelli B. Voice Teacher

“Sarah’s “Alignment and the Voice” workshop was incredibly helpful in giving me the language to talk about alignment with my students and giving me new tools to use with them in lessons to help them find freedom, energy, and flexibility in their bodies and voices. Even better, it furthered my own practice and understanding of alignment in my own body, which will allow me to continue exploring and deepening my knowledge so that I can pass it on to my students. I look forward to attending more of Sarah’s workshops in the future!”  ~Alaina B., Singer and Voice Teacher

“Sarah gave our group valuable and practical knowledge on how singers tend to use (and misuse) their bodies, and how easy it can be to improve from the ground up. The information Sarah presented (and the way she presented it) was immediately helpful, totally solid, and really interesting! What’s more, it was RELAXING. I don’t know how she did it, but I am so grateful.” Eden C. RI NATS President


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