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You know the whole body is your instrument, but no one... not your beloved voice teacher, the countless coaches you've worked with, nor the maestro in master classes...has ever looked at, and really seen, the whole you.

How many of these resonate?

What's the secret sauce missing from feeling better in your body?

It’s ease and suppleness in the torso when you breathe. It’s shoulders and hips that move well, without pain. It’s a core that’s responsive when you move and sing. It’s living better in, and loving on, your instrument.

Solutions for the singing body

Because while you can practice on your hands and knees it’s not really possible to perform that way…unless you’re in some avant-garde production in which case GO FOR IT!

Your singer needs to get upright and have the same result when they sing.

You need to know the rest of the story – the story of the body, biomechanics, movement science, alignment, and awareness.

Grab your membership and dive in to moving and learning.

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When your body starts moving better

Bach stops making your low back bark.

The songs from Newsies no longer make your neck tense up.

The melismas in masterworks that once made you gasp for breath… now flow with ease.

It’s time to shift away from not knowing exactly what to do, toward confidence in the body’s ability to support singing.

How do you get there?

With sustainable movements that empower your teaching and your singers.

With a resource that builds singer’s inner sense of control, safety and trust in the body.

Those are the key components of singing, movement and healing.

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As a member, you get free access to the Take Ten program and save 50% on the cost of the Singer Synergy Movement Series.

Vocal interdependence

The library works because it addresses Vocal Interdependence, and you absolutely need to know what that is if you’re going to be an effective teacher.

Your voice is a production resulting from the interplay of respiration, phonation and resonance all of which are impacted by and inextricable from our skeletal, nervous and muscular systems.

Vocal Interdependence is just a fancy way of saying your voice depends on every other system in the body to work well.

Your voice is a production resulting from the interplay of respiration, phonation and resonance all of which are impacted by and inextricable from our skeletal, nervous and muscular systems.

Your job as a voice teacher largely focuses on the vocal tract and resonance to produce sounds that are optimal. Your training tends to focus on registration, phonation and respiration – typically learning about them separately and having moments of overlap as we put it together.

AND there’s a lot to know about those things, but you’ve got that part.

You’ve cultivated your ears, now you’re ready to cultivate your eyes and your ability to see the body.

Couple that ability to see with actually knowing what’s happening and voilá, you have better knowledge in real life of how the body works and can solve real problems quickly.

Step outside the (voice) box, off the (pedagogy) page today and join the library to start on your path to being the best performing teacher you can.

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